Pillow Fight

Not so long ago I made Elena a quilt.  
Then I made a coordinating one for Stella.

A few nights ago Elena's crib was converted to a toddler bed.
I thought she could use a pillow
I didn't want to buy a full size smother-my-daughter-while-she's-sleeping-because-it's-huge pillow, and the only place I found "toddler" sized pillows was Pottery Barn Kids.

And it is far away.

And I can't be sure that if I went there I would leave with only a pillow.


I channelled my inner octogenarian, and I made one.

And then, 
Because I love them equally, 
I made one for Stella.

I have to stuff it, still.

And because I love you, 
here's a gratuitously cute photo of my girl.



  1. you are the crafter my mother and grandmother always hoped i would be! I have discovered i can live vicariously through you. (Perhaps i should have my mother read this blog as well.) i had a homemade pillow growing up. I loved it. Even after it died-I folded the cover up and I keep it in my nightstand drawer. You are making memories.

  2. The pillow looks great! I have only one problem with it...how do you wash the cover? Are you going to unstuff all the time?

    We bought a regular sized pillow from Kohls for Audrey. Then we used it for a few weeks. It flattened pretty quikly and then we gave it to her. That is how we got around the expensive toddler pillow situation.

  3. Elena is simply beautiful. and sweet. Knowing that her personality is just as beautiful and sweet...makes it that much better. Love you. Keep on keepin' on. (being amazing, that is)