Goodbye, Old Friend.

I bought this car brand new.

When I was 20 years old. 
One month before DRL and I started hanging out.
Three months before 9/11.

I loved this car.
I washed it often.
Detailed the interior once a month.
And I felt proud owning it.
It stood for all that I had accomplished since high school.
I was responsible enough to purchase a brand. new. car.

There were months when I wished I didn't have the payment.
When I wondered how I was going to pay the bill.
But I did.
On time.
Every month.
Until it was finally MINE.

Then we got pregnant with Elena, and the car became DRL's primary mode of transportation.
The Pizza Car.
And I missed it.
Very much.

But soon I got the CR-V, and forgot all about my old new car.
It got dusty.
It looked sad.
And then the day came when it was no longer needed.
DRL washed it.
Changed its oil and rotated the tires.
And we sold it.

It backed out of my driveway moments ago.
I am a little sad to see it go.

But I had to make room in the garage for this....


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