Roly Poly Oly

It's official - Elena can roll from her back to her tummy like a pro!! I'd post a photo -- but it's hard to get in still-frame. This amazing revelating has put my fear of Elena learning to walk before she ever rolled over to bed. Though she really does enjoy standing!! It's interesting to note that although she has managed the back-to-tummy roll, she cannot figure out how to go the other way. This would be no big deal if she didn't absolutely HATE being on her stomach. So now if we let her lay and play, and go to do a couple things around the house, all of the sudden we'll hear a high pitched scream. DRL and I go running...and sure enough...Elena is stuck on her tummy and mad as hell!! Hopefully she'll master the tummy-to-back roll soon, and we'll all be a little more at ease.

On the teething front, I'm pretty sure the right bottom tooth is about to pop through, with the left side not too far behind. Let's all hope so...my poor girl is soooo unhappy.

And since I'm updating, Elena tried Sweet Potatoes last night -- and did quite well. She almost finished the whole jar. Of course she was a horrible orange mess afterwards, but I think she prefers having some flavor. The rice cereal is probably pretty bland. My darling daughter will be a pro at solids in no time -- oh how the time flies.

That's the news for now....I'll update as it happens.

Love to all


  1. Wonderful!
    The milestones are coming fast and furiously.
    Try alittle gerber banana or pears mixed in with her cereal.
    Always yummy.

  2. Yeah, but can she turn a double play yet?