The ExerSaucer and the Octopus

Today, Elena tried out the ExerSaucer that she got from Logan Kocher. She seemed to be really interested in all the different toys. She's probably still a bit young to take full advantage of all the saucer has to offer, but she still enjoyed trying it out. And anything that pleases the baby, pleases mom and dad! The yellow octopus i is by far her favorite. It "sings" three songs every time you touch it -- Where is Thumpkin, 3 Blind Mice, and Row Row Row Your Boat. She smiled at it quite a bit. Guess we should have put this toy together sooner!!

**ExerSaucer Update**3/12/2008
Elena got a new ExerSaucer this weekend. Though she was quite fond of the little yellow octopus, she didn't really like anything else about the old saucer. She couldn't reach any of the toys, so it would frustrate her any time she was put in it. She'd get sooooo mad. So, daddy decided that we simply must get her a fancy schmancy new version of the old classic. The new one's got all the bells and whistles, and it will even convert to a play table when she's old enough to stand on her own. I'll post new photos once we snap some.

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