High Chair

Tonight at dinner was Elena's first try at the high chair. I think she likes it more than the Bebe Pod. It must be the padding. Or the fact that she's up high at the table with mommy and daddy. I think she wanted what we were having, but she'll have to wait a few more months for solid food of her very own. I wish she was cognizant enough to realize that she should not be in such a hurry to grow up - it'll happen soon enough. And I'm sure I will say that a million more times on this bittersweet journey through parenthood....


  1. She certainly has your eyes in this pictures! I love it! Such a beautiful baby!! When I start to have a "life" full of great news and things to share, I'll start this blog thing too...I kind of like it.

  2. What a happy baby!
    How has it been being back to work?
    It is amazing how much joy a little one can add to your day, and your life.
    Keep the pictures coming.

  3. Back to work is going well. The first week back was great!! Real adult conversation all day -- what a change! But now I start to miss Little One at about 2 or 3, and it's tough to stay at that point. How's things in Amery?

  4. I enjoyed my day of holding Elena,
    I should drive out to your home again soon so I can have my baby fix!!!How is she doing with the bottle now ? I am glad you have a blog, it will be a joy to watch her grow and all of the smiles !
    Much Love !

  5. She's doing great with the bottle!! And she really does LOVE her daytime with Daddy. I would love to have you over -- and I'm sure Elena would LOVE to see you.

  6. The playdoh is for mom and dad to play with. The kids don't get to have all of the fun!