Birds of a Feather

I'm still working on my role in the Cooper's Flock project, and am somewhat spearheading the "Minnesota Chapter" of the project. I have a meeting with a representative from Fairview University Children's Hospital one week from Friday to iron out the details, and to make sure that we can work together to bring Cooper's Flock here to the Twin Cities. I have to meet with a couple of my local yarn shop owners to see if they can help and how. I'm thinking of organizing a "Knit In" if possible -- getting as many knitters together for x/hours to make x/birds. I think it'd be a fun way for those of us who only know each other via the blog community to finally meet, and it's for a great cause.

I'll post more info as it happens and if those of you who do read this blog know of anyone who knits, please forward them here to read about this project. The more people we get to help, the more birds we can make. And we truly need a FLOCK!!!


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  1. Great job getting involved in your community! You'll make a difference!