Two Faced

My bff Nadia asked me if I would make a quilt
for the little boy she is expecting in October.
"Of course, love!" I said.

I sent her a few links to quilts that I liked
or that I thought would be perfect for a little boys' room.
"I like the zig zag pattern," she said.
So I sent her some fabric ideas.
"Mmmm....Ummmm...Er...ah...How about just solids? It looks like a lot of work to put a quilt together,
and I don't want it to get too....busy."
"Um...yeah. Sure. Okay, Nadj," I told her.

But I knew better.
There was no way I was going to use just solids.
No way, no how.

We talked colors.
She liked grellow.
But she also liked turquoise and coral.
"They don't really work together, honey," I told her.

"That's okay," she said.
"We can have a double-sided quilt. It'll be perrrrrrfect!"


"Yep! You've got it! I'm exCITEd." I choked out.

I set to work. I zigged.
And zagged.
I pieced the turqcoral side.
Then I hung them on my design wall.
Side. By. Side.

No good.
I can't do it. I can't do this two sided quilt thing. It's no good I can't do it. Too busy. Too much.
OHMIGOSH It's just TOO much!!!

So I took a photo with my phone.
And I begrudgingly sent it off to Nadia and asked for her input.

"I love it! It's going to be perfect!" she said.


So I basted.
I quilted.
I doubted, and doubted, and doubted some more.

Then I washed it.
Put some binding on it,
and fell truly,
in love.
And so, too, did Nadia.



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  1. She's right- it works fine. I love you you quilted it.