"Fashion" Week

Top & Pants: Gap
Shoes: Ross Dress for Less
Headband: Handmade by Athena
Dress: Gap
Shoes: Target
Top: Arttie
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Target
Sweater: Gap
Dress: Blue Elephant
Shoes: Target
Top & Pants: Gap
Shrug: Banana Republic
Shoes: Dollhouse



  1. I love the last two outfits best - that blue sweater is amazing!!!

  2. You see what you guilted me into? And you're on my blog role. Where else would you like to be listed on my blog. Oh and are you taking the picture with the camera when you hold it by your thigh like that? It just occurred to me that you were. I always wondered why you wanted to hold a camera in all these pictures.

  3. Because I like cameras. And I need one take a photo of my reflection in a floor length mirror.

    I know you READ my posts, Himbo.

    But thanks for making your presence known to others.

    Kylee: I bought that sweater during one of my pregnancies and kept it. Because I, too, think it's amazing. It is always too hot here to wear it, which makes me insides hurt.

    Gwen: I couldn't NOT post a Fashion Week after you voiced your desires for them to come back. I'm a giver.

    I like to give.

  4. I want that Blue Elephant dress! Must go search for one. xo.