Of Alphabets and iPhones

If you show this to Elena, she will tell you that it's an apple.

Apple starts with the letter "A." But she won't tell you that. Instead, she'll sing the entire alphabet song. The middle part ...lmnop...gets a little jarbled, but overall, I'm pretty impressed with her alphabet singing abilities.

At the ripe old age of two.



Like an apple.

Get it?
*tap tap*
Is this thing on?

She'll tell you that this is a doggie. I know it's a puppy. But we're not at the point where I'm going to split hairs. A puppy is still a doggie, afterall.

So she's still technically correct.

When she sees the iPhone commercial in which this flashcard application is highlighted, she'll tell you that it's for an iPhone.

But Mama never told her that my phone is an iPhone. Daddy didn't tell her, either.

And some say advertising doesn't work...


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