Elena likes to pull my shirt up just enough to catch a glimpse of the tattoo I have on my back. She points and says "tattoo," and she does this incessantly! Her recent fascination with my tattoo has got me itching for a new one. Coincidentally, facebook connected me with an old high school buddy and he happens to be a tattoo artist. After some collaboration he drew me this tattoo and I fully intend to have it permanently etched onto my skin. I know some of you readers aren't into to body art, and I can appreciate that, but I wanted to share the drawing because I think it's amazing. And tattoo lover or not, I'm hoping you will too.
artwork by Joe Hennessey


  1. Where are you going to get it tattooed?

  2. I'm thinking my upper arm. That's the plan for now though. I've got plenty of time to decide on placement -- it'll be awhile before I can get it done!

  3. What if you don't have any success right away? Would you consider getting it done say next week?

  4. No, because I haven't got the money set aside for such an undertaking quite yet. And with tattoos .. I really like to stew on them for awhile...that way I know I'm sure. I LOVE it .. but it's permanant so I have to be sure!

    Speaking of more babies...??