Photographic Evidence

Daddy put her coat and hat on her, and she sat down and pouted. Is she my daughter or what?!?!

DRL put my snowboard goggles on her face tonight, and she thought seeing the world through amber colored lenses was fantastic!!

She didn't want to take them off...

Playing at the dinner table.

I turned the camera on, and pointed at her, and she actually smiled and made a noise that eerily resembled "Cheeeeeeeeeeeese."

We bought my step-nephew this Tractor for Christmas, and still haven't wrapped it. Elena was pretty sure if she climbed on top of it and bounced up and down it would move.

Turns out, she was wrong. But she still had fun. And she still climbs on it. Maybe she needs a tractor, too.

Oreo Face

She really likes to go into Belle's kennel. Especially when she can shut the door and pretend to hide. Notice the book she brought in there with her...

She loves to eat Provolone Cheese.
Exhibit A:

This was her first time "playing" in the snow.

She didn't really know what to make of it.

She really likes popsicles.

Trouble is, she has to hold them herself. And then she drops pieces on the floor....

Sometimes she just lets them melt there. Or Belle comes and cleans them up.

She thought the cone was the best thing ever. For two minutes anyway.
She likes to bounce on Logan's Zebra

The Christmas Card photo
And another cute one...


  1. I think Elena is suffering from cute baby syndrome. This is a very serious condition and I recommend you look into treatment for such this interesting case!

    I will call you this week and we can plan things!

  2. Very cute. Thanks for the photos. Notice in my new post that Elena is featured on the frig. :-)

  3. Angie told me all about the Oreo experience. She's adorable!