School is taking more out of me than I initially anticipated, largely due to the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day, and approximately 18 are already taken up by work and sleep. Another 4-5 are occupied with all things Elena. Which leaves me about an hour to cram in some schoolwork at the tail end of my exhausting day. I am assigned about 2 hours of work a night. How's that for math, Obama!? Can I get a homework bailout??

Okay, okay, that was a cheap shot, and probably uncalled for. But I'm tired.

That's about all I have time to say.

Off to bed I go....


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  1. I send a long distance hug...hang in there!

    Trying to be wife, mother, employee and student doesn't leave much time to be yourself.

    Keep posting. We're happy to hear you vent!

    I'm not anonymous--It's your cousin April--for some reason my Google identity didn't want to work tonight.