Wednesday Wisdom

Should I mention how much
I completely suck
at consistently blogging?
Because you already know how awful I am at it?
Oh, right,
you probably do.
Since you come here 
to read and all.

Only to find lack of new material.


Life has been insanity lately.
Welcome insanity,
but insanity nonetheless. 
The actual one with the paycheck and health insurance and 401(k).
The one I actually want to be doing full-time
but lacks the (steady) paycheck, 
the (company supported) health insurance,
and (employer matched) 401(k).

I'm planning an Owl party for a little girl who is about to turn four.
If you know me, 
(which, I mean seriously, by this point, dear readers, you know me better than I know myself)
you know that I'm DIYing the crap out of the party. 
Yay Time Suck!
But it is going to be well worth it.

I hope.

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I think I need another Rant Zone post.
I can feel it brewing.
Also, I'd like to hear from you.
You know,
in the comments section
as to what you're missing on TFP.
Does my blog need a healthy course of Activia?
Pointless pontificating rants?

keep silent,
dear readers,
if you must.

I will consult the Magic 8 Ball for answers and hope the reply isn't hazy.

Happy Wednesday!

PostScript: Happy First Day Overdue to my super pregnant best ever friend Nadia, and Happy First Day of Life to my dear friends John and Terri's little girl, Lily. Babies are awesomesauce. 

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