Puddles!! (But First, Snow)

Last Wednesday, 
Leap Day
February 29th
it snowed. 

Quite a lot. 
Winter arrived in Minnesota on the final day of February and dropped a few inches of heavy, wet, build-the-world's-tallest-snowman snow. 
The girls reveled in it. 
Correction: Elena reveled in it. 
Stella refused to put on gloves and learned very quickly that snow is cold. 
And cold hands make for a miserable little girl.
(and an "I told you so" mom)
(Still accepting Parent-Of-The-Year Awards)
And one week later, 
as fast as it came, 
it retreated once more. 

Spring is coming. 
I can smell it on the pavement in the morning. 
I hear it in the song of the birds. 
Soon, green grass, golden sunshine (that lasts past seven o'clock!), 
lilacs, oh how I missed the lilacs the last two years,
and fresh breathe-it-in-deep-and-sigh-it-out air will arrive.
But before spring can...spring, the thaw must come. 
And with it-water. 
Which means, puddles.
I could photograph these girls 

It is just SO natural taking their photo.
No stress.
No pressure.
No fear of failure.
Just heart.

Pure, blissful, amazing heart.
And I love the feeling of it.


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  1. Wow, these are incredibly beautiful...teach me please!!! ; ) You are so gifted!