There is a point in Baby Mozart where the little green dragon looks left, looks right, and then looks straight ahead, opens his mouth, and says "blaaaaaaaaah." Elena has always gotten a kick out of this. That is until we finally managed to get our hands on the puppet and preform this feat for her in person. Now she's moved on to another favorite character. She does like to say "blaaaaaah" now though. For what its worth, I guess the dragon has had some lasting effects.

Her first cold ended up turning into her first ear infection. And it was a double one at that. She was administered Amoxicillian twice daily for 10 days and all was well once again. Hopefully we can go another 8 months (or MORE!!) before she has to worry about another one. The poor girl was pretty unhappy for a few days there, and it just broke our hearts to see her so miserable.

Elena had a play date with DRL's friend Josh Holtan's new baby girl, Violet. It was sooo strange to see such a little baby again!! I know Elena was that small once -- but Violet was soooooo tiny, and new, and skinny!! The Peltons, nontheless, wish a HUGE congrats to Josh and Tammy Holtan and a great big welcome to their beautiful baby girl!!

Not much else to report -- she's growing like a weed and too fast for our liking. But that's the way it is with children. And childhood. You blink and you might miss it. So DRL and I are in the habit of not blinking. Of keeping our eyes wide open and just watching. And listening. And drinking in every last drop that is our dazzling, magnificent, perfect little girl. There's not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for her and for everything she's added to my life. To our lives. And I wish there were words out there to explain to her just how much she is loved. But like my mom always told me -- "You will never understand the love a mother has for her child(ren) until you become a mother yourself." She has never been more right.

Your mama loves you little girl - more than I can ever promise, and more than I will ever know how to fully explain.


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