Elena got her first cold this Memorial Day weekend. The poor girl had a runny nose and was really congested. She screamed for the lesser part of an hour on Saturday night trying to fall asleep. She wanted to suck on her paci, but couldn't breathe through her nose -- imagine the frustration. She finally figured out a way to keep the paci in her mouth and still breathe, and thus got some well-needed rest. She was pretty clingy to mommy - and got me sick in the meantime - but is feeling much better now! I, on the other hand, could use a bed, some vicks, and a breathe right strip!

She is extremely close to being able to officially crawl. She has figured out how to push up on all fours, and she's mastered moving her legs. Now, she just has to figure out how to move one leg, then one arm, and so on and so forth. Even money that she'll be motoring around by 8 months old. Though, as previously noted, I really wouldn't mind if she took longer than that and waited just a while longer.

DRL would like it noted that she has spoken her first word, and that word is "Dada." I refuse to acknowledge said accomplishment because - although she does say the word rather well, and very frequently - I do not believe that she knows what it means. Once she figures out that "Dada" means DRL, it will go down on the books. (I'll keep you posted)

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  1. Motoring already! Once they start moving, they don't quit. Happy chasing.