Puffs the Magic Dragon

Elena has seen the light that is Gerber Graduates Sweet Potato Puffs. And Banana Puffs. She thinks that they are the best ever -- next to her two teeth, the brim of Dad's hat, and the dragon puppet in the Baby Mozart video. (That's right folks, you needn't adjust your monitors....The second tooth has arrived. After much discomfort and tedious pushing, the second tooth has broken it's way through Elena's swollen gums to join her first tooth in all it's minature glory.) It's really quite fun to watch her try to feed herself. She knows that she should grab one between her thumb and forefinger and slowly bring it to her eager, wide open mouth -- but she opts to slam her hand down on the high chair tray, grab as many puffs as possible, and then slam her open palm into her face hoping that one of the puffs will land in the gaping void that is her mouth. Currently she's batting about .281 -- and I offer assistance as much as I can.

Needless to say, Dog Sister is fervently enjoying the newest addition to the food library de Elena. The stars fly to the floor and Belle is there with lightning speed to make sure they don't sit uneaten for more than 3/100ths of a second. Next up - Cheerios. Maybe we'll get some video and post it -- it really is fun to watch the whole process.

On another note, we got a nice new giant flat screen TV yesterday. The old tube HDTV crapped out on us and rather than go through the time and effort to get a quote to fix it -- we bought a new flat panel LCD. It's glorious. I never realized how crappy the picture had gotten on our old TV until we turned on the new one. While watching CSI: Miami, I could clearly see the failed attempt to cover up a shaving nick on the face of Mr. Wolfe, and it made me giddy.

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