A Rather Spendy Decoration

A few updates....

It is believed that Elena is cutting her top two teeth now. She's less thrilled with these two than I think she was with her first two -- which is somewhat strange. But then again, Elena has proven to be one to do the opposite of what's expected. She tried her very first "real" sweet potatoes at dinner last night, and seemed rather pleased. She also had some blended peas, and actually had a brief encounter with her gag reflex. Since DRL hates peas more than he hates Center Stage or my RENT soundtrack, he found it rather amusing. After the second bite, she seemed a little more enthralled by the fresh pea taste. Then she got full.

Swimming lessons are over, and we're looking into starting another session - but this time at Foss Swim School or the YMCA. The pool at Roosevelt Middle School was a tad too cold for our Little One, and her enjoyment was a little stunted because of it.

(Here's a photo of her and I in the pool.)
Mother's Day came and went without much fanfare. Grandma Kay came up on Saturday and we spent the day shopping. She made off with quite the haul of goodies after stopping to see Noel at the Harley shop and me buying her shoes from Payless. Then we stopped at Target for something small -- funny how I forget what -- and ended up leaving with more clothes and shoes. Ahh...there's nothing quite like girls shopping!! Sunday I had a nice brunch with DRL's side of the family while he was at work. I think Elena knew it was Mommy's special day because she slept until 10:00 a.m. -- and so did I!!! And that was the first time since the day my water broke that I have slept past 9 a.m. And it was the best gift, ever. Thank you my darling daughter. Thank you.

Last night was Elena's first time sleeping through the night - without getting up - even once - to eat. She woke up briefly but I stuck the paci back in her mouth and she was out like a light. I've known for about a month now that she's been comfort eating in the middle of the night -- and I'm really hoping she's given that up for good. If not -- I'll gently coax her into it.

DRL and I have also decided that the "Family Bed" days are numbered. I love having her near us but I think it's time for her to learn to soothe herself...and I really believe she'll be the better for it. The problem is getting her into her big, scary crib. Let me take a moment to note that she'll sleep in our bed - with or without mom or dad present - she'll sleep in her cousin Logan's crib, and now in his Big Boy Bed, she'll sleep in Auntie Janelle's bed. She'll sleep all alone like a big, brave girl everywhere but her crib. The instant DRL or I set her down, she's awake and looks terrified!! It's the strangest thing. Today -- DRL put her down for her nap in the crib after she had fallen asleep. She stayed asleep!! For 15 whole minutes!! Folks, this is a big deal. So, cross your fingers for the Family Pelton and wish us luck. Hopefully the crib will morph from a very expensive decorative home furnishing to an actual bed. A place where someone - namely my child - will slumber peacefully and unafraid.

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  1. Thanks for all the updates.
    Little ones definitely make life much more interesting. Grandpa said he'd like to get in to see Elena sometime soon. He really enjoys her pictures.
    Have a safe and happy weekend!