So Far in August....

I realize it's been awhile (over 2 weeks!) since my last post, so it was time for an update. You'll have to forgive the lack of photos as I'm posting from work today...and we're having some connection issues with our home internet.

Elena experienced her first "Canadian Days" at the beginning of the month. For the non-Pelton's out there, this is the Pelton Family's annual get-together at DRL's grandparents house in Little Canada. Hundreds of Peltons flock to the front yard to watch the parade, and aftward we dine on a feast of sweet corn and various pot-luck fare. This year was a tich smaller than normal due to the ever increasing age and fragility of DRL's grandparents. It's just become too much for them to do these days....Nonetheless, a good time was had by all. Elena didn't even cry when the fire trucks screamed by, their sirens roaring and wailing, or when the Vulcans came terrorizing through the yard with their black markers and devlish grins. We even managed to escape "V" free. Luck was on our side for sure.

Last week Granpda Howard came up from Iowa and visited with Elena. She really enjoyed seeing Grandpa and meeting his wife, Li, and she's looking forward to her next visit!! Grandpa's gotta come back up and help DRL put in a new water softener!! (Did you hear that Howard....??)

This past weekend we visited Grandma's house to meet (once again for me, once for DRL and Elena) a great aunt (Great-Grandpa Beaver's youngest sibling) and her daughter, my second cousin. She also got to meet my second cousin Geoff and his wife Beth for the first time (avid fans of this here blog!) and to see Cousin Gail for the second time. Elena was not really up for the occasion, but did considerably well given the fact that one day later we discovered that she is suffering from her THIRD double ear infection. She had a fever ALL DAY Monday and kept throwing up and just had an all around feeling of malaise. Poor kid. She's on antibiotics now and is in much better spirits. She's also on strict orders NOT to lay down and drink her bottle anymore. If she continues to fight mommy and daddy - she'll be stuck with a big-girl cup from now on!!

Elena has gotten four new teeth -- the top two middle teeth, and their next door neighbors. She's starting to look more like a little girl and less like a baby. A fact which - coupled with the nearness of her first birthday - has me trying to cuddle her into me as much as she'll allow. I'm starting to realize that my days are numbered, and that number is slowly getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

That's all the time I've got today -- and hopefully I can get new photos up soon.

OH!! I finally finished knitting the hooded sweater I've been working on, and it turned out great. I'll get that picture up as soon as I can!!

Love to all!

A VERY Happy Birthday to (yesterday) Gramma and (today) Jerry!!

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