Now, More Than Ever

I've come to realize that now, more than ever, our children and our children's children need us to make the right choices when it comes to choosing the people who will run our country, set its policies, and pave the roads that our kids will travel down. The choice has become staggeringly clear... that choice is Barack Obama. No. I don't want goverment run healthcare. No, I don't think robbing from Peter (businesses) to pay Paul (the middle-class) is a long term solution. But more so, I don't want Elena being taught that "abstinence is the only way," or that unless you're rich or the owner of a large corporation, "Sorry, you're gonna be taxed up the wazoo and you're gonna like it."

I've found this election year to be particularly trying - I side with the Repulicans much more often than I ever dreamed I would. 4 years ago if you had asked me if I would ever go right I'd have told you that you were crazy. I was starting to really think that this might be the year I leave the Left behind. I've discovered that I am actually more central than I realized and that it's not about picking only one party. I can be a liberal republican (red), or a conservative democrat (blue), or any combination thereof (purple). It doesn't matter. What matters is what's in the best interest for this country, for its citizens, for me, and for my daughter. Sorry John, but the choice ain't you. You're VP pick does "Palin" comparison the two folks on the opposite ticket.

I feel obligated to note that I am proud to have a woman in the running. I am proud that someone finally shattered that infamous glass ceiling. And I cannot stress that regardless of partisan politics, regardless of who you think is most qualified - or in the Presidential race who you you think is least un-qualified - just get out there and vote. We cannot see change, of any kind, if we don't fight for it. Red, Blue, or Purple.

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