Comcast - 0, Friendly Neighbors - 1

A month or two ago DRL and I decided we have had enough with the cable company and their price gouging and thus decided to "switch to the dish" and got Direct TV. We also go rid of our home phone and cable internet, too. "But how will you blog? How will you check your email? How will DRL negotiate the deals that are necessary to build and maintain a successful fantasy baseball team?" Fear not readers! Thanks to the extreme generousity of our neighbor, Mark, and some fancy techno-gadgety thingies from Best Buy, we now have wireless internet on our desktop computer!

"So what's the problem," you ask? IT SUCKS!! It's like I've been thrown into a time machine and thrust back to 1996 when all we had was dial up and people didn't blog, or upload, or download. Cameras were still burning images onto rolls of film, and stealing music was reserved for the rebellious pre-teens in baggy jeans lurking throught the aisles at Cheap-O. This is why I've posted no pictures. I actually sat down at the computer last night and transferred 62 -- That's right SIXTY-TWO -- pictures onto the Gi-normous computer that DRL's dad built for us (the one that has more memory than even the most brilliant mensa-ite) with every intention of posting them to this here blog. I tried. I waited, and waited, and waited, and then, well, I just couldn't take it anymore. I think I'd rather spend a day in Bost0n rush-hour on the hottest day of the year with only the heat on and a broken windown that won't roll down than stare at that bloody screen for one more minute.

The point of the story is this: I will post pictures when I can get a faster connection, or can bring my camera to work and let the glory that is high-speed take over once again. And boy, there are some cute photos! I finished the sweater I was working on, Elena can stick out her tongue, she actually let Papa hold her for more than 2 seconds -- and smiled while sitting on his lap, and we went to the State Fair. There's all kinds of photographic evidence that our kid is getting bigger, learning and exploring, and that we actually do own a camera.



  1. Try DSL with a wireless router or modem from qwest and that will fix your problem.

  2. Yes, but then we'd have to pay for it!! Our current system is FREE.

  3. and you get what you pay for!! :)

  4. I Quote from 8-25-08 from comments on my blog:
    ANd yes, we're getting a water softener now. When are you coming up again?!?!