Baby in A Basket!

One of Elena's favorite things to do is to crawl into the laundry basket. When she does it, we sing out, "Baby in a Basket!" and she get a big smile on her face. Here's an ADORABLE photo of her enjoying her new pastime...

She's been getting quite good at feeding herself with a fork .... we tried to capture it on film, but she decided she'd rather play with fork, instead....

She spent Sunday cruising around the yard while Daddy and Grandpa Mac put in a new back door. The Packer outfit is a gift from Grandma K and is being worn in honor of Grandpa's love for the team. And, we really needed them to win on Sunday so DRL and I could win my office football pool. No such luck....

And here are some more photos of her standing, and trying to walk, and just being cute!


  1. Cutest. Baby. Ever. (Until around April 25th at least...)

  2. Well, the fact that she can even hold the record that long is impressive.

    You guys are gonna be around this weekend or next?

  3. Next weekend (15th, 16th) we'll be up there along with Angie's parent's so time might be tight but we'll give you a call and try to make it over. Impressive knitting!