A Right or a Duty?

For the past few weeks I've been urging everyone I know to vote, just vote, regardless of what you know or who you vote for. After reading the latest post over on BMSB I've come to realize that maybe it is better to not vote if the only reason you're voting because you feel you should, or that it's somehow your duty as an American. As Bull Moose points out, the right to vote is just that, a right -- it's is not a duty. And is it really socially responsible to vote so that you can get that free cup of coffee, or the "I Voted" sticker, or announce your voting abilities on the status feed on your facebook page, when you know nothing about who's running and what their being elected would actually mean for you or your family? Or for me and mine?

I think it's amazing that we live in a country where we are each provided the right to vote - the right to have our voice heard by our government - but I think it might be equally important for us all to realize that we have just as much right to not vote. I think it's important that each of us realizes that we do have a voice, and that we can use that voice -- but we need to think about whether or not we even know what we're saying, before we stand to speak.

Happy Voting to All -- or Some.

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