I Make Hats

The fruit bowl on my kitchen table is filled with hats that I've made over the last couple weeks. It's actually a great way to display them.

Modeling a hat made for a co-workers daughter - Natalya Vienna.

I just thought this photo was too cute to not share. She's so good about wearing hats so that Momma can snap a photo. I truly am blessed.

Upside Down Daisy -- but in blue. I love that it's so girly without being pink

Elena wearing her blue daisy hat.

A good friend told me this hat looked like an Arizona Sunset. I agree..and I love the fabric. It's made out of recycled cotton and is fabulous to work with.

From "Itty bitty Hats" by Susan Anderson -- with a couple of adjustments.

Green stripes. I love the monochromatic look of this hat. I got the idea for the button from Susie's blog and was lucky enough to have a green button that matched perfectly.

Elena makes a wonderful hat model.

My very 1st Fair Isle. And it's my own pattern, too!


  1. The hats are adorable. My kids love theirs. I enjoy the photos. Congratulations on Noel's hat. I don't know what "Fair Isle" is, but if you're happy, I'm happy.

  2. Again...I'm amazingly proud of my amazingly talented niece.

  3. Pretty impressive! Soon we will be need one of those...

  4. Hi there...love the new hats! I get my labels from Etsy. The guys I had made mine is gone now but there are others who do it too. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! :)