Grammar (C) Park

Because it's Friday.
Because I haven't had enough coffee yet.
Because a surprising number of folks need it...

Here is a quick little grammar lesson.

Your: Posessive pronoun. Of or belonging to you.
You're: Contraction. You+Are.

There: Adverb. A place.
Their: Adjective. Belonging to, done by, or made by "them." Possessive form of "they."
They're: Contractive. They+Are.

Its: Posessive prounoun. Replaces His/hers/theirs, etc.
It's: It+Is.

*Helpful hint with contractions: SAY IT OUT! If it doesn't sound right to say "you are" or "they are" or "it is" then you don't (do not) want to use a contraction. You'll (you will) want to use another word.
Like Their.
Or Your.
Or its.



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  1. another cool trick re: who/whom (sure "whom" isn't used too often anymore-but that is mostly due to the fact that people don't know when to use it . . . )

    if you can substitue "he" it should be who. If "him" works better- whom it is.

    ex. to whom it may concern
    (it concerns him, not it concerns he)

    This trick is life changing.