A Star is Born

I started having contractions at 2:00pm on Tuesday. 
At work.
They didn't hurt.
Not even a little.
At 4:30 I left work and called the hospital.
They said to stay home and relax. If the contractions got worse, I could come in.
I woke up at 3:30 to a contraction that H.U.R.T.
Then my water broke.
And off to the hospital we went.

Stella Noel Pelton was born at 10:55 am on Wednesday, December 23rd.  Also known as Festivus.

She weighed in at a whopping 5lbs 3oz and stretched to 19 whole inches.  Her head was barely over 10cm.  This, dear friends, was the greatest attribute.

Until I looked at her.  

And saw her sweet, sweet face.

Big sister gave Stella her first bath. 
(and attempted to take her umbilical cord off.  She said it looked hurt-y).

Her feet are big for her small size.  I thought this needed to be photographically documented.
Sweet flowers from three sweet girls.  
She sleeps!  
In two hour increments...
but still...
she sleeps!

And Elena loves her.

Until she realizes that she's here to stay.
Then I am guessing her reaction will look a little more like this:
Happy Birthday, Stella.
Happy Big-Sisterhood, Elena.
Joyous Festivus Everyone,

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  1. You need to get more pictures of you and your girls, sweetie, and not always be behind the camera. Need pics of gramma and her girls too. Just thought of this so thought I would figure out how to comment on this thing, yippee, I did, and send you a little message.
    love you!