What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't post a list of things I hope to do or not do in 2010?

So as not to leave any of you 3.75 readers disappointed (yes! my readership has increased!), here are my resolutions.
In bullet point fashion.
'Cuz that's how I roll.

*I, like nearly everyone else in this large (pun-intended) country, would like to lose weight this year.  Primarily in the next 12 weeks, and in the amount of 20 pounds. At least.  25 would be nice.
*I resolve to grow out my hair.  And then cut it all off again.  Maybe.
*I resolve to add an arm tattoo to my collection.  
*I resolve to book at least one paying photography job. And not screw it up.
*I resolve to knit something for myself (besides a hat)
*I resolve to potty train my 2.3 year old.
*I resolve to do better at my job (when I return) and increase my earning potential.
*I resolve to be the best wife and mother I can be, and then do a little bit better still.
*I resolve to not use my middle finger or curse words while driving. At least not while the kids are in the car.
*I resolve to take more photos. And then post them.
*I resolve not to get pregnant again. Ever. And would like to take a moment to sincerely thank my uterus for the great work it has done.  Seriously. You rock.  I mean it.  And your services are no longer needed.  May you enjoy your retirement.

Just because...
here is a list of things I would like to do, but won't...

*Start smoking again.
*Drink heavily.
*Incur mass amounts of credit card debt buying Minolo's, Gucci Sunglasses, and high-end jeans.
*Eat a box of chocolate every day.

Oh yeah....

And I resolve to start allowing DRL to take photos of me with our girls.  And then not delete them when he shows me the photo.  I then resolve to try to like these photos of myself.  I'm sure my girls won't care that I don't like the way my nose looks. Or how chubby my right elbow looks (I cropped it out).  They'll enjoy looking at photos of themselves with their mama.  

Photos like this:
Happy New Year Friends.
May it be filled with cigarettes, tattoos, alcohol, and love.

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