Wednesday Wisdom

I've decided to change my "What I Know For Sure" posts into a new feature titled "Wednesday Wisdom."

I can't promise I'll post every Wednesday.  But I'll try.

Maybe you'll look forward to my musings.

Or maybe you'll steer clear on Wednesdays.

I fully support your freedom of choice. And I hope you choose to read.

Okay...here it is.

Installment ONE of Wednesday Wisdom.

*My nipple is not a pacifier.  Conversely, Stella would like me to know that a pacifier is not my nipple and therefore she will not have it in her mouth.

*I got really highly extremely excited over my new running shoes (shown off in my last post).  I don't run. I'm allergic to running.  I'm allergic to most exercise. I'm currently trying to beat the disease.  It's touch and go.

*I haven't worn a pair of heels in months.  The surprising part of this news is how little it upsets me.

*I might be interested in getting to know more about Lady Gaga.  I think I might enjoy her music.

*I need to sell about 10 more hats to "finance my dream."  Hurry up and order!

*The last week of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien was the best ever. He was hilarious. I wish he didn't have to leave. But he left well.  The quote in the sidebar is from that show, and it's a good one.  "Freebird" was a perfect swan song. I hope he comes back to late night.  I'll watch his show over Jay.  Except maybe for Mondays. I really enjoy Jay's Headlines bit.

*Why do people insist on asking if DRL and I will try for a boy?  What is wrong with two girls? Is my life somehow incomplete because I don't have a son?  Maybe we tried for a boy twice and failed miserably.  Or maybe we tried for girls and succeeded.  Either way, our family is complete and we are happy.  Even though we are son-less.

*I have been working out for two full weeks and have lost zero pounds.  I'm starting to think I'm exercising incorrectly.  Or that my body has decided it likes to be festively plump.

*Dear body: I do not want to be festively plump.

*I am excited to hear news of Lucinda's new baby boy's arrival.  I can't wait to cyber-meet him.

*Apple just released the iPad.  Because on top of a MacBook and an iPhone, people need an iPad.  It's an iPhone that won't fit in your pocket and a MacBook that will fit in your purse.  I'm not sure this is going to revolutionize anything.  I guess we'll see.

*I'm trying to sell my camera. It's not working so well. Much like my weight loss.  Oh sorry. I mentioned that already, didn't I?  Sore subject....

And because no blog post is complete without a photo. Here is a recent favorite...


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