This is my current camera.  A beautiful, friendly, happy little Nikon D60.  Santa brought me this camera two Christmases ago, and it birthed a love of photography that I never knew I had.

It has served me well.

And it is leaving me a week from Thursday.

A friend of Nadia's has agreed to buy it.
She's about to become a mom for the first time.

She'll have her hands full...but when she has room in them, she'll have a wonderful Nikon to hold, too.

This really is an amazing camera.
It's the perfect starter for anyone wanting a DSLR. It's quick. It's easy. And even on full auto it takes amazing photos.

I'm about to order the Nikon D90 from Amazon.com.

I'm so giddy my fingers are shaking.
A winter's worth of hat making and it's finally mine. My fingers are calloused. I have carpal tunnel syndrome.  But it's all worth it.

(And I'm kidding about the carpal tunnel. And the callouses. I'm just a whiner.)

The only thing that could top this moment is...

A 70-200 2.8 falling from the sky and into my lap. Free of charge.
Even a 24-70 2.8 would be fine.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not picky.

Goodbye, D60.
 Thank you.



  1. i am jealous of your new purchase! but i agree, i do love my d60.

  2. I hate to correct you on your blog posts- but Santa only brought it to you last Christmas. Because we got ours first. And we got ours last year. When our daughters turned one.

  3. Xmas 2008 is technically two Christmases ago, though. Right? How else should I have phrased it? Xmas before last?

  4. Ok- yeah- i guess you are right. It just sounded like 2 years ago to me...Maybe I am just confused because we are having family Christmas in 2 weeks. :)

  5. It's Lindsey again,
    I also have a dSLR camera although I went with a Canon Rebel T1i. Did you take classes to "get to know" your camera or are you just good at picking it up and experimenting/reading the manual? I feel pretty confident with mine but I know that there is a whole mess of things I don't even realize I can do with it so far!
    Congrats on the new purchase...sometimes I literally kick myself for now buying a Nikon and other times I feel like they are pretty similiar!