Best of 2009: Photos

These are some of my favorite photos of 2009.

Some of them you've seen before.  Others are new to the blog.

There are so many photos that I love that it was almost nearly impossible to choose these few "favorites."  But these are the photos that always jump out to me when I'm looking through iPhoto.

And so I thought I would share them with you.

A rare portrait of Elena truly smiling.

I have an 8x10 print of this.
Two actually.
One in color, one in black and white.
It's stunning either way.

This is a perfect picture of Logan's personality.
A little mischievous.
Middle name: Danger.

I call this shot Elena's "Michael Jordan."
Maybe because the basketball is black and red - the Chicago Bulls colors.
Or maybe it's the "don't you mess with me, homey" look in her eye.

This is Nadia.
We've been friends since the fourth grade.
She has always been this remarkable.
She always will be.

I cannot take credit for this photo.
DRL took it.
I just tweaked it a bit in Photoshop.
*The worm was NOT injured in the making of this photo!*

Daddy and his girl.
Playing in the park.
Photographically this might not be the greatest photo.
But just look at their faces.
This is what happy is all about.
This is bliss.

This was taken at Auntie Kristy's.
There is something about it that I just love.
The neutral colors.
The retro feel.
The pretty bow in Elena's hair.

This is how you do sultry in a wedding photo.

I can't take credit for this one either.
Jenna Reye's mom Theresea took this photo.
With my camera and a rented 50mm 1.8.

Speaking of my friends' daughters.,,
This is Erin.
She's my friend Annie's girl.
She's 18, and she's trying to figure out her place in the world.
I remember 18.  All too well.
Best of luck, Erin.
The world is your oyster.  Go out there and seize it.

I shot this the day we took Elena's two year photos.
It never made the blog.
But I did get a 5x7 print of it.
I just love the angle.
The look on Elena's face.
The color of the Autumn sky.

Tina Logan.
I guess it's Janeshek now.
She was 18 when I started working for Timberlodge.
She was a bridesmaid in my wedding.
Here she is on her wedding day.

The Walstead boys.
One in focus, the other in the background.
These two were so much fun to photograph.
It could have been the D90 I got to use to shoot them, but I think it was their spirit.
Their smiles.
The way they played.

My newest nephew.
Alan J.
He's only a few weeks old in this photo.
And precious.

There you have it.
My favorites of this past year.
So far anyway.

I might have to do a round two.

There is that photo of Nadia's ring...
And Elena eating watermelon....
And DRL skateboarding and that one of Belle..

Yeah, there will definitely be a round two.


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