The Upside of Being Small

There are a lot of things small folks can do that big people can't.

Like wearing the same size clothes from the age of 11 well into adulthood.
Being able to wear adult size or kid size shoes interchangeably.
The ability to get entirely too drunk on two glasses of wine. Or bottles of beer. Or shots of vodka.  
Scratch that.
It only takes me one shot of vodka.

But Elena is not old enough for any of these special small-person privileges yet.  

So she must find some of her own.

She crawls into places not normally suited for two year olds.  

Places like this giant Land's End travel bag that Auntie Kristy gifted me for Christmas.
Or Festivus.
Or whatever.
And then we carry her around in it.
And she asks for more.
And we have to say no because we are horribly out of shape.

(Yes, Hello? YMCA? I'd like to sign up please...)

Her next frontier?
Probably the Dryer.
She asks to go into the refrigerator quite frequently...but luckily we manage to keep it stocked well enough with food for there to be no room for her. 

This might change...

With Burning Biceps,

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