Sleep When Baby Sleeps

That's what the experts say.
That's what everyone says.

But me?
I'm not a napper, you see.  
Never have been.

I wake up from naps feeling groggy.
Bogged down.
Like I'm moving through Corn Syrup.

So while Stella, DRL and Elena nap everyday from noon to 2...

I knit.

I blame my utter lack of any baby blues or postpartum depression on this one simple hobby.

It's also why my head and neck will be warm for the remainder of the winter.

(If I ever manage to get out of the house again!)

I made a hat.  Elena and Stella each got one that looks EXactly like this one.

And I made a Neckie.  I prefer to call it a Cowl.  Or a neck-warmer. 
I'll let you pick your own favorite nomenclature.

(I'm starting on matching mittens during tomorrow's nap!)

Now, I couldn't have done any of this knitting as easily or neatly as I have done it without this gift from my dear friend Rebecca:
What is it? you ask...

Let me unroll it and show you:

Ta Da!
Thank You Thank You Thank You Rebecca.  I LOVE this thing. 

Maybe "love" isn't a strong enough word....
My spidey-sense is tingling...and Stella is stirring.

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  1. love this hat and cowl. where do you get your patterns? also, what about the snowflake hat? i love that one too and would love to try my hand at them!