Anatomy of a Fabric Shop

I like shopping for textiles.
Yarn, fabric, thread.
I like walking into stores and seeing color, vivid, muted, soft, vibrant.
Patterns. Textures. 
Most of the time I go into a fabric store just to look.
See what's new, if anything inspires me.

I almost never go in with a plan for what to purchase.
I yarn shop like that, too,
and I really like the organic nature of it all.
Letting the textiles speak to me,
as it were,
and beg me to take them home and make something wonderful.

But I am a nerd like that.
*pushes taped glasses and adjusts pocket protector*

For those of you who've never ventured into a fabric store
this is the magic that it holds:

Especially if you're lucky enough to find yourself in a store with bolts upon bolts upon rolls
of Echino and other Japanese imports.
And the thread wall?
My favorite part of almost every single store.
I long to have selection like this at home.

Special thanks to the Common Thread in Austin for allowing me to photograph their amazing store.


1 comment:

  1. You mean this isn't normal behavior?!

    Along the same vein, I may have once decided I wanted a fish named Harvey, and it's quite possible I wandered the pet store, calling out, "Harvey, where are you?!" You know, to let him know I was there, and that he could let me know _which_ fish he was...

    It sounds crazy seeing it written down...