One Year Later

I wrote the following post a year ago (tomorrow).
It's still all completely true.

Except the part about the shoes,
they're not so new anymore.


But the part about hats?
Completely, wholly, fully, without-a-doubt true.
I mean it.


Because this is my blog.

Because it's Friday.
Because it's a three-day weekend.

I thought I'd share my favorite things with you
dear readers.

*{new} Spectator Shoes.

*Deep Red Nail Polish.

*Ecco Domani Pinot Noir

*80 degree weather.

*My MacBook.

*Mac's iPhoto Booth.

*Messy Hair. Especially when used to disguise short hair attempting to go long.


*Uninterrupted sleep.

*The hum of my sewing machine.

Wait! Wait just a minute.
What did that say?
The one about sleep?
What was that one?

What's that mean?

*The promise of crisp fall weather.

*The return of knitting season.

*Hat orders.

Seriously. I LOVE hat orders. You should place one.

I'll make you a kickass hat.


Have a great holiday weekend!

Oh, and go check out my first ever quilting tutorial.


1 comment:

  1. L.O.V.E that photo of you...so S-E-X-Y!! Oww-oww!! (that's my cat call...if you couldn't tell) You one hot mama! xoxox