Baby Beluga

I started singing the Raffi song, "Baby Beluga" to Elena a few months ago, and now she lights up whenever I start even humming the tune. Little did I know that it would come to be so fitting a song to sing. She LOVES water - any water. Out of the tap, on the floor, in the dog bowl, the pool, the bathtub...you name it - she wants to sit in it. I have a feeling come winter, the bathtub will become a swimming pool and be used for quite a bit more than just a bedtime bath.

DRL purchased a bike trailer for his birthday with some gift money - and we've been taking family bike rides in the evenings when we're all home together. This is yet another thing that Elena just can't get enough of. If she's cranky, or fussy, or bored, or tired -- all we have to do is sit her in her bike trailer and go for a cruise. She's all smiles afterwards (this is especially handy right now as she is currently working on ALL FOUR of her top front teeth. Yes. I said ALL FOUR. At once. Aren't you jealous of us?!?!) I don't know how we'll manage come snow season. Maybe she'll like being pulled in a sled...

She crawled all the way up the stairs last night for the first time. And, all the way through her big, scary giraffe tunnel that I bought her. I think she's coming to like it! Our baby is definately on the move. She thinks she can stop in the middle of the floor and just stand up. But she's not quite there yet. She's got to work on cruising around the furniture a little more and then maybe she can start standing w/out help. I keep trying to remind her that there is a process she must follow doing the whole "learning to walk" thing.

She has also learned how to sign the word "more." She doesn't quite understand the exact context of it yet, but she can sign it - so that's a start. Now we're working on "all done," "milk," and "eat." And maybe we should teach her "water!!"

I have a TON of new photos -- so "July in Pictures" will be coming soon -- I PROMISE!!

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