Making Good on a Promise

Here are some photos from the past month.
They are posted in no specific order.

Me and Teddy Mills

Elena, Ella Eng, and 2nd Cousin Teddy Mills. Yes-they were all crying.

Trying to stand all by herself.

Our nephew Logan being cute.

"I See Camera!! Me Eat Camera!"


A good place to rest....

First bike ride.

I love Bath time!!

Sitting pretty.

First time with scrambled eggs. And yes, she and Pinky are plotting to take over the world.

Baby Mozart

Rubber duckies aren't just for bath time.

Alphabetic distractions
(these magnets were purchased in the off chance that she would go for the magnets rather than dog sister's food bowl. No such luck).

Get me outta here!


  1. If you want the photos from my blog, just right click on them and select Copy image location. I don't care if you use my server to load them.

  2. Rock on that you fixed the comments! Hooray! I'll post a lot more now, plus my mom will love it! She's already asleep tonight, but I'll be sure to let her know tomorrow.