Ready for Takeoff.

I flew home on Friday.
From Austin to Minneapolis
via Delta airlines.

Stella flew with me.

It was her first time on a plane.
And my first time flying with a child.

Apprehensive is not strong enough a word.
I was nervous.

But everything worked out fine.
The plane ride was uneventful.
Sure, there were a couple crying jags.

(One of which may have been brought on
by a certain baby
hitting her fragile little head
on the overhead compartment.)

The gentleman in the seat next to me was wonderful.
Having two small boys of his own
back home in Vancouver
he was more than gracious
and happy to help.

He even held Stella once or twice so I could make a bottle.
Or take a deep breath.
Maybe both, simultaneously.

(Thank you, Geoffrey Rutledge of Vancouver, B.C for your kindness!)

Stella enjoyed watching our plane taxi into the gate at ABIA.
And being the photographer momma that I am
I snapped a few photos.

Since I am blogging from my mom's computer
and have zero access to any photo software
this picture is SOOC.

And Stella looks just like my Grandpa Leonard.



(P.S. DRL and Elena are in Aberdeen, South Dakota for a wedding. They endured softball sized hail and red iced cupcakes.  I'm not sure which was more dangerous. Also, I watched a wall cloud pass over my mom's front porch last night as the storms tumbled eastward. I managed to capture a photo of it before I scowered into the basement for cover.  It was pretty damn cool.  When I wasn't terrified that I was going to die or get mamed or something of the sort.  I'll upload it later.)

1 comment:

  1. dear stella,
    i am very proud of you. please tell your friend chace that he too can be an excellent travel when he flys to greece.

    have a wonderful stay in MN.

    your aunt luc