Wednesday Wisdom (Thursday Edition)

*I am exhausted.  Dog tired.  To the point of delirium.

*Being in MN, I realize how much I miss it. Here.

*And how much I want to be HOME right now, instead of a hotel.  But we have no home here, anymore.  The kind that has four walls and a roof. 

*We have every other defintion, however.

*I love my friends.  Each and every one of you.  I have missed you terribly and don't want to go back to Texas.

*I think homesickness is starting to set in a little bit.

*Over this past weekend one of my dearest friends, Jerry, got married to a girl he met in high school.  They didn't start dating until shortly after their 10 year high school reunion.  I missed the wedding.  And the softball sized hail that pounded them during the ceremony.  In honor of their nuptials, however, I saw a funnel cloud pass over my mom's front porch.  I even took its picture.  Then I scampered inside and ducked for cover.

*DRL and Elena made it to the wedding.  Elena had a cupcake.  Or two.  And a swim in the lake with her party dress on. 

*I am learning everything I need to know about all of Empi's product lines.  It's very in depth.  And concentrated.  I have to take a quiz every morning.

*I am not getting enough sleep.

*I am drinking too much red wine.

*And I should be studying now.


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