Easy Like Sunday Morning: Kevin+Liz

 I was given the chance to assist Jessica of Jessica Monnich Photography for Kevin and Liz's laid back Sunday wedding and as I watched the couple interact with those around them I knew that these were two amazing people. It was impossible not to smile when you were near them.  Their wedding day was abuzz with laughter, smiles, and heart-swelling love.  And best of all, it seemed effortless.  Liz kept cool all day and Kevin couldn't stop cracking jokes.  I'm certain theirs is an easy kind of love.  Easy like Sunday morning...

I focused mainly on capturing the details of their day while Jessica worked away at portraiture.  The styling was reflective of Liz and Kevin. Chuck Taylors. Apple computers. Tiger Swallowtails. Gorgeous colors. Laid back style.

 Kevin, you're hilarious.  I mean f-u-n-n-y.
Liz, you're stunning. 
I mean g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.
This shot is straight-out-of-camera and is by far my favorite from the day. Liz, I mean it. You're beautiful.  This shot is so you.  Pretty. Real. A little mischievous. Happy.
A tiger swallowtail  landed in Liz's bouquet just as we were about to wrap shooting.  A perfect moment, for a perfect wedding day.

Thank you, Jessica, for allowing my camera and me to tag along.
Thank you Kevin+Liz for being the amazing couple you are, and for allowing me to share in one step of the journey you two are now on.  I wish you many blessings.  


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  1. pretty pretty wedding! nice job A!