Mexication 2011.

This is the view from our table at Pelicano's.
A little beachfront restaurant in the heart of Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Dayna, Nadia and I ate breakfast here on Friday morning.
This was our exact view.

The trip was amazing.
The weather was perfect.

And the company was quiet.

And full of laughter.

Thank you,
for an unforgettable 30th birthday.

Thank you,
Raul and Cesar,
for your amazing snorkeling prowess
and insane knowledge of one of the most amazing
coral reefs
in the world.

Thank you,
Tiff and Abby,
for your unfaltering
and gracious

Thank you all
for enduring my absence.


Photo credit goes to Dayna for the black and white photo of me. To Nadia for the two color photos of me, and for the second black and white photo of Raul, our snorkeling guide and resident marine biologist, and also to James (aka: Jad Jergens) for the final photo. One of the few of all 3 of us girls together.  Dayna, Nadia: Thank you for taking my camera and giving me the awesome gift of seeing myself through your eyes.  I love you girls like crazy.


  1. Thanks so very much for sharing your wonderful photos. It's "almost" as if I shared the trip ;-)

  2. So proud of you for posting all these pics and not just 1! Was an awesome time.!

  3. I miss Abbey Del Sol and Puerto Morelos. Your photos were like a mini-mini vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great summary of our vacation in photos!! Kinda makes me miss it already...especially considering that I had goosebumps yesterday in this "mild" weather of ours! There were no goosebumps to be had in Mexico, that's for sure! When can we go back again? :)

  5. for real?! these are outstanding!! i love them all. and you look beautiful. so so good. love the lighting and the colors and all of it.

  6. Such awesome photos and such awesome woman. So happy you stayed with us and i got to meet Nadia and Dayna. Look forward to having you all back someday soon!