Sunday Best

You have to love a holiday
that involves a basket of candy
left overnight by a giant bunny,
and pastel colored eggs 
hidden amongst emerald grass.

Little girls in pretty dresses.
White gloves.
Wide-brimmed hats.

This Easter the girls got "dressed up"
in dresses I made using the Ice Cream Social pattern 

They didn't exactly pose well for mama.
Not really at all.
Not even
a little.

Mmm hmmm.
I'm sure if I somehow spliced all seven photos together
I'd end up with one perfect shot.

But that's not nearly as much fun.

Elena found the golden egg.

They both found pink Jellycat elephants in their baskets.
And candy.
and lots
of candy.

Excessive amounts
of candy.
This is Stella grabbing Nerds from DRL.
Handfuls at a time.

There's just something about these photos.
Save the bottom one,
she looks so...
grown up.

Like I'm getting a preview of teenage Elena.
Twenty-something Elena.

It's scary as hell.
And gorgeous.

We don't do fancy shoes.
They're just not little-girls-who-play-like-boys friendly.
Even with Easter dresses.

That's how we roll.

I hope you had a blessed Easter.
Free from fire ants,
unpacked Uhaul boxes,
cold pizza,
and the Coxsackie virus.


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  1. Wow, I LOVE the dresses you made for your girls! So cute! I wish I had that kind of talent…I can barely sew a button on! :)