Skull Candy

I've been doing a lot of sewing lately.
And I'm happy to say that most of my stitch-time
was centered around
for the fruits of my womb.

I made Elena's Easter dress last weekend,
while my Mama was still in town.

The fabric looks like
an Easter egg
threw up
all over your Sunday best.

Good for me
I happen to quite like Paas-colored upchuck.
So much, in fact, that I made Stella
a coordinating dress.

Which happens to be in the wash right now...
photos will come later.

Hers is made out of the butterfly print
used on the the pockets of Elena's dress.
The top and bottom pieces are a pretty blue argyle print
that just so happens to bring out the color of her eyes.

A strategic maneuver.
I take every opportunity to enhance the
get-lost-in-'em color of Stella's baby blues.

This morning I sewed a shirt for Stella, and a skirt for Elena.
This skirt is my absolute favorite thing I have made so far.
I mean

I love the final look of the skirt,
I love how easily it came together,
and I loveloveloveloveomigodlove the fabric.

I'm pretty sure I'm about to marry my sewing machine.
Maybe run away to Mexico with it....

Don't tell DRL, k?


PS: I turn 30 tomorrow.  *gulp* Please send cupcakes, anti-aging serum, wine, and a box of tissues.


  1. i want one in a big girl size.
    wish i was going to mexico with you, though it wouldnt be much fun with a hole in my eardrum.

  2. I want that skirt! But 10x larger.