Laugh, Out Loud.

Lately I've been laughing.  A lot.  Out loud, even.  Or, as some would say, "lol"ing.
Such numerous lolcasions have caused some to wonder if something has gone wrong.
A few extra screws knocked loose, perhaps.
But no.
Nothing is out of the ordinary.
What has happened, I fear
is a gross misunderstanding of my discernible distaste for the use of LOL.
Allow me to rectify the situation with the following:
I am okay with the use of LOL.
When the user does, in fact, laugh.
Out loud.

Meaning, just in case this needs further clarification,
that when someone
even myself,
finds something humorous enough to cause one to make an audible noise
like a laugh, or a cackle, or a giggle,
it is perfectly acceptable to type "lol."
as it indicates,
you did just Laugh.  Out loud.

I hope that helps.


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