Priority Mail

I've mentioned before that I like to craft, right?
I've also mentioned that I'm a top-rate blog stalker?
Okay, not really.
I mean kind of.

Maybe just a little.

I feel it necessary to mention that I only blog stalk people who I think are fabulous.
And who I think I could actually be friends with if ever given the chance to meet in person, properly introduce myself, and woo said stalkee with my real-life awkward charm.

Exhibit A: Jasmine Star.

Me and Jasmine? We're practically the same person.
Minus the whole dropped-out-of-law-school-to-become-a-world-renowned-international-wedding-photographer thing.
But I digress...
The other day she had mentioned her love of all things stationery,
and being the crafter
and blog-stalker giver that I am
I emailed her that I would be sending her some hand sewn blank notecards.
But she'd have to send me her address.

Then I promised I was totally sane and I have two kids and okay fine I go a little nuts sometimes but I mean who doesn't and don't worry I won't pull a Selena or anything like that I just want to send you something nice because I pledged to "Pay it Forward" in 2011 by sending handmade items to five people (who volunteered to receive them) but I don't care I want to send moooooooore.  *deep breath*

So she replied to my email,
kindly as ever,
and let me know that I am her "favorite stalkerish friend"
and gave me her address.

So I sent her these:

But I didn't stop there.
I kept sewing.
Because I like making things.

Even more, I like surprises.
Especially ones I manage to keep....

Which leads me to a story about my dear friend, Anda, and a funny little thing I like to call
I decided to make her a little journal.
A place to write her dreams.
Somewhere to play a game of M-A-S-H with a girlfriend.
Or tic-tac-toe.
As it happens, the day I finished the moleskine, I read the following on Twitter:

 Anda Marie 

I almost peed my pants.
But I did a kegel and took a breath.
Then I readied my thumbs and almost tweeted her back, "Not to worry, friend. Check your mail in a few days."

But I didn't.
I set those thumbs down and took twelve paces backwards.
Counted to seven.
Threw some air punches, just for good measure....

And quickly went to the post office to mail her gift.
I designed it to mirror the look of her blog.
Her amazing re-brand.
The launch of which caused her night sweats and stomach knots and oodles of worry.
Silly, I know, as it's basically complete amazeness.
I don't know that I did her vision justice,
but I sure tried.

I do love how the little hearts turned out....

I had two moleskines left, so I decided to make one for Gladys.
She had been under the weather for a few days.
Then Adele, her favorite, had to cancel the SFO leg of her tour,
leaving Glady with tickets to a non-existent show.
Since I couldn't console her with an actual cupcake,
her second favorite,
I sent her one:
If I could have fit myself into that envelope
I would be in 'Frisco right now.
Sitting in a pool of dreamy light,
or on the dock of the bay,
and standing next to Gladys to see who's taller
only to find out we're exactly even.
Except she's totally prettier. And younger.
And less jiggly.


I was so inspired by the use of the Heather Ross fabric on Gladys' notebook,
I made another for my greedy little self:
The spools?!?  Of thread?!? The soft colors!?!? Purple?!?!

But I think I might need to gift it to someone.
Or maybe have a give away?
Or maybe sell it?

Turns out that being a greedy little wench just doesn't suit me.
I can't bring myself to keep something that could bring joy to someone else.

But how much would one sell such an item for?
Certainly it wouldn't fetch a first born.
Or a sixpence.
Maybe two bits?
Does anyone know the actual value of two bits?


Maybe I ought to just give it away....



  1. Just lovely, and sweet. Signed, a stalker.

  2. aaahhhhh!!!!! you are just the BEST. i love all the mail i get from you; you have no idea how appreciated it is. we carry the same giver/sender gene, expect i am horrible at crafts of all kinds. but i love to send real mail and real thank you notes. sometimes i get a little angry that other people can't or simply won't or don't so the same. as if a thank you email is anywhere near sufficient. anyways, then i met you and i truly appreciate the heart of people like you. i save every single piece of mail i've ever gotten in my whole life in several boxes. if there were a fire, i would not save photographs, i would save my boxes of hand written letters because they contain way more memories and pure unselfish giving and thoughtfulness. whew! okay, anyways ... i laughed super hard the entire time i read this; you are so funny. i'd say that i LOLed the whole time but i know how much you love that.

  3. well, my comment will look totally lame juxtaposed with anda's (i use big words to show off), but i just wanted to reiterate how much i love my stationary. i cuddled with it yesterday.
    thanks again, a!

  4. I laughed out loud so hard. Pretty sure I'm jiggly. But let's just save that for another day. I heart my cupcake notebook very much! xoxo