Elena loves bananas. Seriously...she LOVES bananas. And she finally got a real one on Tuesday night. She's been showing interest in 'real people food' lately, so I thought I should let her try her hand at the 'ol eating thing. I cut off the tip of a banana and handed it to my little darling. She was ecstatic. She even managed to figure out that along with putting it in her mouth, she could actually eat it, too. But...as bananas do....it kept slipping out of her slimy little palm. Luckily, my step-sister Gwen gave me this fabulous little net-like thing and I stuck that banana piece right inside. It allowed little one to grab onto the holder and shove the business end right into her pie hole. The best part about it, though, is that the net only allows small portions of the food through, so I can keep my sanity and not worry that she's going to start choking while my back is turned. It was great. I cut up the rest of the banana and put the pieces in the freezer. Now, she can have her b-a-n-a-n-a-s and teethe on them too.

And a very happy birthday to Great-Grampa Leonard!!

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