The Little Sweater That Could

After my success with Dog Sister's sweater, I decided to try my hand at one for Elena. It took me about a week, and I finally finished it last night. I put it on Elena this morning and realized that I made it the perfect size for her -- three weeks ago. So now, it is going to be gifted to Elena's dear friend Audrey. I hope she likes it as much as Elena did. I'll be making Elena another version of this one for next year, and hopefully the it'll fit for more than 38.7 seconds.


  1. I think it looks good, it makes her seem like a giant baby.

  2. Once you gift the sweater to Audrey I will send you a photo of her in it to update your post! She is sitting so well! (Even if DRL is supporing her a little)

  3. Sounds good!! Then we can see how it looks when it actually fits right!!