Shots? I'll take 4, Please!!

Elena had her six month well-baby check yesterday with Dr. Hess and here are her stats.
Height: 25" (25th %)
Weight: 15lb 8oz (50th %)
Head Circumference 17.5" (90th %)
She also got four more shots and hated every minute of it. The good news is that she gets to wait 3 whole months before she has to go back for more!!

And since I haven't posted many lately, here are some photos of Little One...

Drinking from her cup

Eating her first B-a-n-a-n-a-s

In her Rubber Ducky Tub

After her bath in her new Ducky Robe

Playing with Baby's First Laptop
(and sitting up all by herself!!!)

(a HUGE "thank you" to Grandpa Mac and Holly for the laptop. It's my favorite!!)

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