Pearly Whites

It's finally here!! Elena's lower left bottom tooth is through the skin. I don't have a photo yet becuase it's barely through the top of the gums, but it's here nonetheless. I noticed the first glimmer of white last Wednesday while we were shopping at Target, and the next few days were miserable for our Little One. Friday morning she woke up with a fever of 101.8 ( it broke about 20 minutes after the Tylenol was administered), and Friday night what little sleep she did get was tumultuous at best. Saturday found her in somewhat better spirits as she finally had a little tooth to "show" for all her hard work.

Lucky for her I think the right side is coming up now. I suppose everything needs a friend, and a Little One's first tooth is no exception. Hopefully the second will come through as rapidly as the first. And I pray that she gets a little bit of a break before the top ones start to appear.

Elena is also starting to show an interest in crawling. She lays on her tummy and tries to get her knees up underneath her. That's all the farther she's gotten so far (which is fine by me!! She'll be moving soon enough, and I'm trying to enjoy still having a "lap baby.") She also really likes to walk. If she's crabby all we have to do is let her stand up or walk her around the room and she starts squealing like a pig in slop. Literally. It's soooooo loud and high-pitched. She is definately testing out the limits of her vocal cords.

She had her first bath in her "big girl" rubber ducky tub the other night. It's a big, yellow, inflatable rubber ducky and she can sit in it quite well. She enjoyed her bath, although she didn't really know what to do being in the tub all by herself. It took about five minutes for her to realize that she could splash and play and of course by then it was time to get out. Hopefully our impending swimming lessons will help her to learn how to kick and splash and play in the water.

That's the news for now.....

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