Little Swimmer

Elena had her very first swimming "lesson" on Saturday. We had a few close calls with Little One choking on pool water, and her feet turned purple after extended exposure to the cool water, but all-in-all it was a great 30 minutes. The instructor had us blow bubbles (Elena's a tad too little to figure out how to do this one), go underwater, float baby on her tummy and her back, and try kicking her legs while floating on her tummy. Elena was really good at the floating on her back part, and not so great at anything else. But, after much negotiating on her part - and guilt about nearly feeding my baby pool water for dinner on mine - I cut her some slack since she is only 6 months old. I was very surprised that she didn't freak out when we went underwater, though I don't think it was her most favorite thing. She was quite a trooper that day -- especially with her second tooth trying desperately to break the skin. We'll see how next Saturday goes, but I'm sure it will be just as much of a success. (And hopefully the pool will be a tad bit warmer!!)

On Sunday, we sat down and watched Baby Mozart. Apparently Elena does this during the week with Daddy, but it was my first time experiencing my Little One's delight at the characters. Let me preface the snapshots displayed below by saying that she rarely giggles -- and when she does it is extremely infectious and hugely short-lived. Also...she doesn't smile much in photos. She usually give the same somber look you see on her face in most of her full-face-frontal photos (refer to middle photo above.) She was giggling and smiling and slapping her arms up and down with glee when her favorite puppets lolled across the screen. It was truly a joy to watch my wee one delight in such merriment...at the television. She is her parents' child, indeed!

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