I Want the World: I Want the Whole World...

I'm channeling Veruca Salt today, and therefore, the following is a list of things I would love to have.

In no particular order.

*A Nikon D90. D200. Dream big, let's go with the D700. Come to mama!
*The ability to utilize Adobe CS3. Namely, photoshop.
*A baby boy girl boy healthy baby.
*Much smaller thighs and actual, real, ankles.
*A Territory Manager position with Empi. In a bad way (which I have my first interview for on Friday morning. Cross your fingers people!)
*Shoes. Lots of them.
*4 molars for Elena. Please, molar gods, let them pop through already. Poor kid.
*Lots and lots of Spud and Chloe yarn. In every color.
*Dinner with my husband. Just the two of us. And maybe a game of bowling or a trip to see the new Harry Potter.
*A Territory Manager position with Empi. Oh wait, did I say that already?
*Another drawer in my kitchen. Just one would do, really. It'd be like a whole new world. Like when Aladdin took Princess Jasmine on that magic carpet ride. Only without the flying. And the monkey named Apu.

Thanks Santa/God/DRL/Mom. I love you.

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